Existing buildings, which were the subject of the restructuring and re-assortment for the construction of a hotel and wellness center are located on an area in the town of Vignola (Modena), which fits in the green belt respect of the Panaro River, called "Le Basse of Vignola", between the old road linking Modena and Vignola and the River Panaro.

It was a primitive settlement of a small factory of origin late medieval or Renaissance building recognizable minor. Presumably the end of 800 and 900 in the '30s, was constructed that represents the most significant of real estate represented by the imposing central building and the smaller body that stands side - separated by the first and second.

The paper mill producing paper money after the prosperous years between the two world wars, after World War I gradually lost weight loss until it reaches the total closure of the activity in 1962. Since the paper mill was closed completely, the building began to deteriorate rapidly and by 1998 the new ownership began with works by re-construction.

The 'intervention that was proposed for use as a hotel of such buildings in archaeological industry, was a peculiar major restructuring and recovery, trying to preserve as much as possible the original structure, and the final result, both aesthetically and formally, in the finishes, materials, construction choices, will be considered for honor.

The overall visual effect, although some altered the volume for placement of stairwells and elevators, is not increased, even with this intervention has rescued and re-evaluated anyway emergency architectural history in the area.

His mole stood in the surrounding agricultural land and has now recovered this visual memory, giving it new life and removing it from degradation in which it was dropped.

This industrial building "EX-Cartier" It soon enough to cater for the accommodation both for the conformation of the stable because of its historic environment. However, the construction and transformation for the different usage certainly have not proved easy, because on the one hand, we had to respect the existing structure and on the other side should be made fully compatible with the regulations and requirements which would result in uses.

The intervention was determined to create a structure that would meet several requirements: hotels in the canonical sense, for outdoor dining restaurant, conference centers and health club and spa, emphasizing harmony of space and usability and versatility of space .